Criminal and Traffic Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with a criminal or traffic offence you don’t have to face it alone. It may be your first time, but the Lawyers from Dawson & Gardiner have experienced it all before so will know exactly how to help you with your case.

The outcome of your Criminal or Traffic Court case might be life changing, so give yourself the best possible chance with one of our experienced traffic lawyers or criminal defense lawyers.

What Can You Expect In A Criminal Law Court Situation

The lawyers at Dawson & Gardiner will advise you of your rights, get you ready for your Court appearance and explain the Court procedures so you understand what’s happening. In Court we’ll defend your case clearly and strongly to give you the best possible outcome. Give our lawyers a call to discuss your case and find out what your options are.

Our Traffic Lawyers Are Here To Support You

Traffic infringements are one of the most common criminal offences in NSW, but it can be difficult to know what your options are.

Driving laws and legislations are constantly changing so having up-to-date advice may be exactly what is needed to turn your case around. Our traffic infringement lawyers will be able to provide you with accurate and current information about your case, so you can be confident you will get the best possible outcome.

If you are at risk of losing your license it may have a big impact on your livelihood and your wallet. Our lawyers understand that the situation and are here to help you. If you are worried about losing your license you will need expert advice on your options no matter what the charge is.

DUI, Careless or Dangerous Driving, Driving While Disqualified? We can Help!

If you’ve been caught drink driving, driving on a suspended or disqualified license, or been charged with careless or dangerous driving we can help. If you need a work license or hardship license our expert driving lawyers can help give you the best chance.

The Dawson & Gardiner traffic infringement lawyers can help advise you on your situation, regardless of which offence you have been charged with. They can help put your defense together and represent you whether you are pleading guilty or not. They will be there to prepare for your hearing, explain the proceedings and the outcome. You don’t have to do this on your own.

Need Help With a Criminal Case Involving Drugs, Fraud, Sexual Assault Or Robbery Charges?

Everyone is entitled to defend themselves against criminal charges. But in order to properly defend yourself, it’s imperative to engage a lawyer that practices in criminal law to make sure you get the best representation.

Whether you want to plead guilty and seek to avoid a criminal record or plead not guilty and contest the charges, we can provide you the best possible representation in your time of need.

Attending Court for the first time can be a highly daunting experience. You may think that this is the end of your life as you know it. The reality is, it’s not!

We can help advise you in all areas of criminal law, including:

Acts intended to cause injury – including common assault, serious assault resulting in injury, stalking, serious assault not resulting in injury

Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO) – an order made by the court that restricts certain behaviour of the defendant towards another. We can help you understand your rights, obligations and options, especially if you wish to oppose the Order being made.

Justice procedure offences – breach of violence order, resist or hinder police, breach of bond, suspended sentence, or community service order

Theft – including theft from retail premises, receiving or handling the proceeds of crime, theft of intellectual property

Illicit drug offences – possession, cultivation or dealing in illicit drugs. Drug offences constitute some of the most common criminal offences. The law relating to drug offences can be complex, particularly in relation to supplying a prohibited drug (drug supply). Our lawyers have specialised knowledge in this area of law and have assisted hundreds of clients in either successfully defending charges or, obtaining lesser penalties when sentenced.

Public Order offences – disorderly conduct, criminal intent, riot and affray, liquor and tobacco offences, offensive language or behaviour, cruelty to animals. Public Order offences are offences that deal with keeping the good order of the community. Although the more common types of these offences are not considered “serious offences” at law, most of them can attract a term of imprisonment as a penalty, especially for a repeat offender.

Fraud offences – obtaining benefit by deception, forgery of documents, dishonest conversion. These offences can often be surprisingly difficult to prove. Many prosecution cases may at first appear overwhelming, however, on closer inspection, are nothing more than circumstantial in nature.  Our criminal lawyers are experts in this field and have been able to pick apart fraud cases with great success

CentreLink Fraud – Centrelink Fraud charges cover all offending behaviour by a person relating to the receipt of Centrelink benefits. The most common Centrelink Fraud charge (and also the least serious) is where someone engages in conduct and as a result of that conduct, obtains a financial advantage from Centrelink. If you have been charged with Centrelink fraud or other similar offence or have been contacted by Centrelink in relation to an overpayment, then we invite you to contact Dawson and Gardiner lawyers for advice on what your legal requirements and options are.

Property damage – graffiti, fire and explosion

Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons – driving under the influence of alcohol or other substance (DUI), Dangerous or negligent driving

Firearms and Weapons Offences – misuse, unlawfully obtain or possess a prohibited weapon or explosive. There are a number of firearms and dangerous weapons offences that range from minor to very serious.

Sexual assault – aggravated sexual assault, child pornography. Assault Charges are some of the most common that are laid in NSW. Being charged with such an offence must be taken seriously as severe penalties can be imposed. Sexual offences, particularly the more serious forms, are typically considered offences of violence, as they involve some form of assault or violation of another. Being charged with a sexual offence can prove extremely distressing. Sexual assault and other sexual offences attract heavy penalties.

Robbery, blackmail & extortion – The offence category of stealing covers a wide range of offending behaviour. Such offences deal primarily with the taking or attempted taking of someone else’s property, without their consent. The most serious forms of stealing fall under the category of robbery offences. For some types of robbery offences, if a person is found or pleads “guilty” to robbery, the starting point at law on sentence is a term of full time imprisonment. Our lawyers are experienced at defending stealing, theft and larceny offences and also obtaining favourable outcomes on sentence.

Homicide – murder, attempted murder, manslaughter