Are you a resident of Wallsend looking for advice and representation in a family law issue?

Dawson & Gardiner provide expert, specialist family law advice and representation in all family law matters including divorce and separation, property settlements and asset division and disputes, parenting and child custody matters, de facto relationships.

We understand that separation and divorce can be very difficult for everyone involved. Our family lawyers and divorce lawyers appreciate the complexity of your unique circumstances and provide effective family law advice and representation to residents of Wallsend.

We take pride in listening carefully to you. At the first appointment we give you an independent and realistic explanation of the likely range of outcomes in your particular case.

We treat every family law matter with sensitivity to its unique situation and we give you timely professional and accurate advice. We work collaboratively and cooperatively to try to find a reasonable solution for all parties. Our goal is to help you move on with your life with certainty as quickly as is reasonably possible.

Services Provided by our Family And Divorce Lawyers for Wallsend Residents

At Dawson & Gardiner, our divorce lawyers are highly skilled at providing effective advice and representation on a range of family law matters involving:

  • married couples as well as de facto relationships
  • divorce and separation
  • child custody disputes
  • the ongoing parenting arrangements for children
  • spousal maintenance
  • property and asset division and settlement
  • domestic violence and apprehended violence orders


If your marriage has come to an end and you would like to make an Application for Divorce, we can apply for the divorce on your behalf. Contact Dawson & Gardiner and one of our family and divorce lawyers will assist you.

Parenting Matters

When people separate, disputes sometimes arise in relation to the ongoing living arrangements for their children. Disputes may also arise in relation to ongoing financial and child support arrangements between parents. Dawson & Gardiner’s divorce and family lawyers are experienced in providing exceptional advice and representation in relation to parenting matters to residents of Wallsend.

Financial Disputes

When people separate, disputes often arise in relation to assets and property. Dawson & Gardiner’s family lawyers are experienced in providing exceptional advice and representation in relation to finance and asset division. Our lawyers have many years experience in dealing with property and asset disputes and our solicitors offer practical, up-to-date, reliable advice and support.

De Facto Relationship Separations in Wallsend

If your de facto relationship breaks up, it is a good idea to consult one of our experienced family lawyers at Dawson & Gardiner who can advise on everything from proving your de facto status to time limits. If you have a will or have nominated an enduring power of attorney, there are also some specific issues relating to de facto relationships which you should be aware of. Contact one of our experienced family lawyers to put your mind at ease.

We are able to advise you about:

  • your legal entitlements under the de facto provisions of the Family Law Act following the breakdown of your relationship
  • whether your current or former spouse may be eligible to make a claim against you in relation to your property, regardless of whether such property was acquired prior to or during the relationship
  • the steps that you may take to protect your property in advance of entering into a de facto relationship, or after the relationship has started or ended

Pre-nuptual Agreements in Wallsend

Pre-nups exist in Australia but the concept is referred to as a ‘Binding Financial Agreement’ (BFAs). In reality, a Binding Financial Agreement can be between partners regarding their financial matters before (pre-nup), during, or at the time of the breakdown of their relationship.

A Binding Financial Agreement can be made either between married or de facto partners. The friendly lawyers at Dawson & Gardiner will help draft your agreement to ensure it will be binding and comply with the relevant legislation. If properly made, these financial agreements are legally binding on both partners if the relationship breaks down.