Conveyancing Made Easy by Cardiff Solicitors

We are here to help buyers and sellers with all conveyancing services. As a full-service law firm, our solicitor’s top priority is to maximise your savings while minimising your legal risk.

Dawson & Gardiner Solicitors are a Cardiff based law firm servicing the Newcastle and Hunter Valley property market. We represent clients purchasing & selling Real Estate property in all areas of the Lower Hunter Valley including inner city & outer suburbs.

All Conveyancing work is carried out by experienced Solicitors and Conveyancers. who offer high quality legal advice regarding all the pitfalls of purchasing property, at very reasonable price.

The Conveyancing Process

You will want to talk directly to the solicitor who will do your Conveyance and have direct access to the lawyer with first hand knowledge of all you’re important facts. We offer a unique one on one service where you are in direct contact with the solicitor or conveyancer doing the work.

One of the primary roles of a conveyancing solicitor is to ensure all legal advice and subsequent negotiations are done as quickly as possible.

Worried about your Purchase or Sale? We check for risks and Pinpoint errors

Conveyancing Services We Offer

  • Contract Review

We provide written review feedback, negotiate conditions of the contact so you are ready to sign

Our Contract review includes

CONTRACT REVIEW FEEDBACK – We will review the Contract, provide written feedback and answer your questions about the Contract & Conveyancing.

CONTRACT TERMS & CONDITIONS NEGOTIATED – We will seek changes to the Contract, update you with Seller’s response & get you ready to attend the auction or sign the Contract.

  • Buying Property

Ready to sign a contact or want attend an Auction? We will assist you every step of the way. We will explain the contract to you and handle the steps all the way to Settlement.

If you are buying property in New South Wales, Dawson & Gardiner Solicitors can finalise the sale in a quick and stress free manner. You can be sure that our Sydney based conveyancers and solicitors can achieve this for you. Our conveyancing team will not only be there throughout your buying process but will also supply the following conveyancing services:

·         Ensure that all of your legal rights are protected

·         Ensure that you get title to what you have purchased

·         Investigate issues affecting the property

·         Prepare legal documents to ensure transfer of title into your name

·         Calculate financial adjustments including rates, water and body corporate levies

·         Co-ordinate banks, solicitors and agents to ensure settlement occurs

·         Effect settlement on your behalf

·         Commit to keeping you informed on how the conveyance is progressing

·         Preparation of notice of disposition and forward to council and appropriate authorities to advise of change of ownership

For more information on property purchase call us or complete the request form.

  • Selling Property

We guarantee fast contract preparation and will liaise closely with your Real Estate Agent all the way to Settlement. We will assist you every step of the way but our process keeps you in control.

  • Transferring Property

Transferring part or all of a Property can be expensive if not done correctly. Our experience and expertise can help.

  • Refinancing Property

Costs such as Stamp Duty, Lender’s charges can be applicable so it is a good idea to let our Solicitors help with refinancing your property.