How Does an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) Work?

The term ‘AVO’ is the common abbreviation for Apprehended Violence Order. An AVO is essentially an order put in place to protect an individual from another person’s violent, abusive or threatening behaviour towards them. There are 2 types of Apprehended Violence Orders Those taken out against [...]


Will the Family Court listen to my child’s wishes?

During Family Law meetings with clients we often have parents asking whether the Family Court will take into consideration what their child wants. This is an important question as children are not able to give evidence in family law disputes. There are parts of the Family [...]


Does my Child need an Independent Children’s Lawyer in a Family Proceeding?

What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer in a Family Proceedings? An independent children’s lawyer (ICL) represents your child’s best interests and makes sure that the child is the focus of any decisions about parenting matters. Unlike ordinary lawyer-client relationships, an Independent Children’s Lawyer will not necessarily [...]


What determines the inheritance of marital assets after divorce?

Whether inherited money or property is part of the marital asset pool is an important question as it determines how inherited money, property or other assets are divided after separation or divorce. The Family Courts will determine this, and will take a number of factors into [...]


How are assets divided after separation or divorce?

A property settlement is the formal division of property following a couples separation and the determination on what constitutes the marital assets is an important first step. Marriage Assets Marital assets are the total value of the assets that arise out of the marital or de [...]


What are my property rights after the breakdown of a de facto relationship?

If you are in a de facto relationship in Australia, you generally have the same rights as a married couple when it comes to the division of property. The same laws apply for same sex de facto couples. It is important to understand though that simply [...]


What is Shared Custody and How is Child Support Calculated?

When there are children involved in a divorce situation there needs to be an agreement made about who will take responsibility for the children. Shared custody refers to the amount of time that a child spends with each parent. Does shared custody mean equal time with [...]

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