At Dawson & Gardiner we have a specialist team of highly experienced conveyancers who will work on your behalf. This means a triple advantage for you. Firstly, we are specialists in what we do and are dedicated to your conveyance, secondly, we do not need to charge the fees of a solicitor and thirdly we have a team of solicitors in the office should their expertise be needed.

As conveyancers, one of the questions we are often asked is: what do you actually do? We thought we’d take this opportunity to explain a little about what a good conveyancer in Cardiif can do for you, and how we can help you enjoy a smoother experience dealing with your next property purchase or sale.

Essentially, a conveyancer oversees the legal aspects of property transfer and provides you with the confidence that the exchange will run smoothly.  More specifically we will:

  1. Prepare essential documents

One of the main tasks of our conveyancing team is to prepare all the legal documents that form part of your real estate sale or purchase.

As part of this, our conveyancer will source the Certificate of Title – the land ownership history. This includes identifying the type of title and any easements on the property. This is important because the Certificate of Title and other relevant documents allow you to see whether limitations exist on the property, such as easements and caveats. These types of encumbrances can restrict your use and enjoyment of the property, so it’s important to know about them prior to contract.

A conveyancer will also conduct a range of title and property searches, which ensure you meet the relevant legal disclosure obligations in your State or Territory (if selling), or that you have done ample due diligence (if buying).

  1. Review contract conditions from a legal standpoint

Many property sales contracts will include additional Special Conditions beyond the standard conditions of sale. Therefore, it’s essential that you fully understand these conditions because the possible ramifications can be significant.

For instance, most contracts have a ‘subject to finance’ clause. This may sound straight forward, but the wording used in a subject to finance clause should be chosen with care. As your conveyancer, we will carefully check all contract wording and provide advice to help you avoid stressful and costly situations.

  1. Help organise property inspections & future land developments

You may wish to organise your own property inspections however our conveyancers at Dawson & Gardiner can advise you on reputable providers and the type of reports you may need such as a property, pest and/or pool compliance inspections.

Another important step our Conveyancers will carry out for you as a purchaser is enquiries with government and local councils about any future planned land develop on the property you intend to purchase.

With such a large financial investment it is essential you obtain the best reports and advice possible.

  1. Organising your finances

If there are any financial adjustments required by settlement, our conveyancer can arrange these for you. This means you only pay the costs associated with the property up to the day of settlement (if selling) and from the date of settlement (if buying). Such adjustments may include Council Rates and Water bills.

The Dawson & Gardiner conveyancers will also advise you on your deposit payment and any holding fees if required. On settlement our conveyancer make the required transfer of moneys and handle the stamp duty payment, on your behalf.

This is important because it ensures every dollar is accounted for and all financial matters are organized correctly by the time your property settles.

  1. Transfer property ownership

Our conveyancing team will prepare all the required transfer documents that enable a property to be rightfully and legally transferred into your name. These important documents will include all necessary details to meet legal regulations in NSW. This is important because this is a crucial step in the legal process and ensures you take lawful ownership of the asset you’ve paid for.

  1. Attend settlement

On Settlement day, the Dawson & Gardiner Conveyancer will be present and will represent your interests to complete settlement with the other party.

Our Conveyancer will coordinate a settlement time with the other side’s legal representative, and oversee the process where the property is officially transacted and all paperwork and moneys are handed over.

Upon settlement, our conveyancer will make contact with you and/or your real estate agent to confirm settlement and allow for keys to be handed over. This is the important final step in the process in buying or selling a property!

This is only a brief summary of what our exceptional team of conveyancers can do for you on the purchase or sale of a property.

If you’d like more information on our services at Dawson & Gardiner or you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact us on 02 4954 8666.